Happy Saturday Everyone!
Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days! I have been recovering from a recent allergy that I developed to ???. It revealed itself to me in the form of an itchy, swollen mouth and itchy hands and I am frustrated due to not knowing the cause. So, yesterday, I went to a chiropractor that specializes in allergy testing. I heard about him from a friend at work. Now the kind of testing he does is rather “new age” and there are many skeptics – but the people who have tried it – swears it works!! It is called Bio-Allergenix and works by using lasers/light therapy to retrain the immune system (from what I understand – which isn’t much loll) You can check out the doctor I saw here. Now the treatment is on the pricey side (around $1000 flat rate for as many treatments as it takes for you to feel better) – but if money was no object, you can bet your booties I would try this out asap! The only real risk is loss of money and no improvement – and since money IS an issue to me right now, I can’t jump on board just yet. I really want to believe that this treatment will work, as I have suffered from stomach issues (ranging from mild to severe) off and on ever since college. I have learned to deal with it, but the development of the allergy is rather concerning. Plus, it is rather frustrating to be eating such a healthy, nourishing diet, and still feel sick. Add to that the irony of having a blog called “Feel Good Blog” and rarely be “feeling good” loll! So I thought I would use this opportunity to ask all of my awesome readers, if you have heard anything about this type of treatment (it’s also called BAX 3000 or BioVeda)? If you, or anyone you know, has tried BioAllergenix, please let me know your thoughts!! Like I said, there is a lot of skepticism, but it’s mainly from people who haven’t even used the system and just refuse to believe that a laser can help cure stomach issues. I am going to keep an open mind – and hope to manifest the money hehehe 😉
Let me know your thoughts and also let me know if YOU suffer from any allergies or stomach distress and what you have tried 🙂
Take care!
Master Yah

3 Responses to “BioAllergenix”

  1. Good morning Master Yah! I’ve never heard of this, but I do believe in taking whatever steps are necessary to help you feel better. Good luck to you!

  2. Jen Trivett Says:

    Hello!!! I am going tonight for my first bax 3000 treatment and will let you know in a couple of days/weeks how it went. I suffer from allergies (both food and environmental) and have my fingers crossed that it works. It’s based on the same theory as acupuncture uses for allergy treatment. I’ve heard really good things about both the laser and acupuncture for allergies.

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