Happy Friday Friends!!
I hope you all are choosing to have a GREAT day – no matter what!! πŸ˜€ My friend, who is on the Primal Challenge, made a comment to me the other day about his food cravings and how they have seemed to disappear while being on the primal challenge. My beautiful mother also told me that her sugar cravings have gone away as well. Part of the glory of the challenge, is that it eliminates many of the foods that we can get physically addicted to (and yes, we can get physically addicted to foods – especially refined carbs and sugar!) After ridding ourselves of the physical cravings, we are left to deal with the emotional cravings. I know many of you might be saying “Well, this doesn’t apply to me – I am not an emotional eater.” In fact, I used to say this myself! And maybe it’s true – maybe you’re not an emotional eater. But maybe – you are. Maybe, you’ve just tuned it out, or rationalized it away. Maybe this is the real reason you’re not feeling well or you’re not reaching your health goals. Emotions play a HUGE role in the way that we eat – whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Not only do emotions drive us to eat – but the emotions that we are feeling WHILE eating affect the food choices we make, how much we eat, and it even affects the whole digestive process!! My challenge for you all today (myself included) is to really tune into yourself and your body while eating. Any time that you go to eat or drink something besides water – take special notice of how you are feeling. Ask yourself – “why am I eating right now?” The answer may be “because I am hungry!” Perfect! But you may notice that you’re not physically hungry, but maybe just in the mood to eat. That is OK too!! Don’t judge yourself! Just take notice of the emotion you are experiencing at that moment. You may at this point – choose not to eat and instead choose something else to soothe that emotion. OR – you might decide to go ahead and eat anyway! Either way is OK! Trust yourself to know exactly how to soothe your mind and body, the best that you know how. Repeat after me – “I trust myself. I trust my body to heal itself. I trust my mind to soothe itself. I trust in the universe to provide enough. I am OK. Everything is OK. I am at peace” If you feel uncomfortable or fearful – trust that it is OK. Stop resisting and just accept! I am here for you all – just as I know you are there for me – so don’t ever hesitate to contact me! I believe in you!!
Love you all!

Master Yah πŸ™‚


6 Responses to “Cravings”

  1. You know, it’s true. I haven’t felt any particular urge to stray from the primal challenge; it’s *strange*. I also agree that it’s important to be mindful about eating: to recognize *that* you’re eating, to recognize *what* you’re eating, and to recognize *why* you’re eating.

    • Thank you for your thoughts here Vengeance!! I really appreciate your support πŸ˜€ And I am so happy that the challenge is working for you!! How are you feeling on it??

  2. I love your thoughts and your wisdom!

  3. Mamma Yah Says:

    Our 30th day on the primal challenge was on Cinco de Mayo, the day b4 Papa Yah’s bday. We have been very successful with eating, feeling well, loosing weight/inches/down in clothes sizes…thank you Master Yah :). The challenge is shopping/cooking (for us). The food requests for day 31 were not primal, ugh! We ate and what I found was that I didn’t enjoy eating those foods. The 30 days made me focus on the details. But after 30 days I am now thinking about the quality of what I put into my mouth. Someone asked me what I missed most by being on the primal challenge. My answer was a York peppermint patty (?!). I had one; it didn’t provide the same reaction that it used to. I know that I create my own stress; and I’m learning that I’ve created my own food issues, hmmm. Thank you for your guiding light πŸ™‚

    • Thank you SO much for sharing your experience Mamma Yah! I am SO happy that you and the fam have been so successful! That truly makes my heart SING! It makes me so excited that this is making sense and that you are getting a feel for the food issues you have created ( oh haven’t we ALL done that hehehe) It is such an EMPOWERING feeling to know, however, that whatever we have created, we can also destroy πŸ˜€
      Love you times a billion Mama Yah! My power comes from YOU!

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