Emotional Freedom!

Hi Everybody!!
Happy Thursday!! I hope you all are having an AMAZING day!! 😀
Today’s post was inspired by my friend Renee at TheFeminineWoman.com!  If you haven’t already, please check our her blog (especially my female readers!) Renee is a very smart and amazing woman – and she inspires me with her posts!
Anyways … Renee’s latest post addressed the issue of judging the various emotions we deal with, therefore suppressing them (check our her post here!) So, let’s reflect on our own lives and think about how often we do this. In fact, the past few days I have been dealing with my own negative emotions. I pride myself and, as a result, get so wrapped up in the image I perceive of myself – strong, confident, secure, happy, woman! And I am all of these wonderful things!! Woohoo!! BUT – I tend to get so attached to this perception of myself, that when I experience any “darker” emotion (unhappiness, fear, anger, insecurity, etc.) – I immediately deem these emotions as “bad” and suppress them – hoping that they will just go away. But they don’t go away. So then what do we do? We subconsciously try to distract ourselves – by going to the kitchen to eat, or watching TV, or drinking alcohol,etc. But all that does is make us feel sick, tired, and miserable – and then that emotion is further stuffed away, just waiting to rear its ugly head again – each time more powerful then the next. This not only affects your energy levels, but it affects everyone else’s energy levels around you!
What if we tried something different?? What if instead of saying “I am this way” or “I am that way” – or judging certain emotions as “good” and others as “bad” – what if I just acknowledged the fact that I am a human being – a  woman – a strong woman – an emotional woman. I FEEL different emotions and have different experiences every day!  And that is OK! What if I stopped judging myself for having a bad day and just accepted the fact that I AM having a bad day? How much better would I feel? And instead of suppressing certain emotions – I talked about them with my loved ones – getting them out and in the open. Emotional constipation is just as damaging to the health as physical constipation- if not more so! And by me giving myself permission to this emotional freedom – I am giving all of YOU permission as well!! Perfection to me is all about being free to live in our IM-perfections! How boring would life be if we only experienced ONE emotion … ??? So please! Join me on this journey! Express yourself no matter what you are feeling. Be loving and accepting of all that you are and you will be amazed at how much love and acceptance you receive in return 😀
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!
Much Love
Master Yah

6 Responses to “Emotional Freedom!”

  1. Jenny Anderson, you rock my world 🙂 Seriously though – this is EXACTLY what I have been dealing with lately. I have found it so freeing to just accept where I am and be present vs. fighting my reality and berating myself for not being perfect. Thanks so much for your constant support and love!

    • Girlfriend … YOU are amazing 😀 Such an awesome spirit you have! It’s funny how we ALL do this to ourselves. Why do we think we need to be “perfect”?? Scratch that, how did we come up with this definition of perfection in the first place??? Perfect does not mean that we are the same day in and day out …. no no no – perfection is having the courage and strength to embrace who we TRULY are and have no judgement, shame or fear!!
      Love ya!

  2. Meg Lennon (Megan's Mom) Says:

    Hi Guys!! What a powerful message…..love yourself NO MATTER WHAT!!! Judge and jury be gone, we are a plethora of emotions all leading to the special place….US! Thanks for the reminder that nothing will ever fill the hole when life throws a curve ball, and that no matter how I am feeling I am still ok…ME!

    Love this “blog”…never blogged before….Megan, thanks for inviting me on this journey with you!!

    • Ain’t that the truth Megan’s Mom!! 😀 We are who we are for a reason! Let’s own and it bask in our own glory!! Each and every one of us have so much to offer – and everyone has something different to offer! That is the beauty of life!
      Thank you SOOOO much for contributing 😀 I can see now where Megan gets her beautiful personality 😉

  3. I have to say that made a difference in my day already. You are truly inspring and amazing and I am very happy to no you as well. The idea of just changing yourself a little may help with the outcome of the day. Instead of repressing feelings let them roll off as if they were rolling down a hill………….

    • Hi Dianna!!
      Thank you SO much for the kind words! I am so happy that my post was able to help and inspire you!! And remember .. only YOU have the power to decide whether or not you’re going to have a good or bad day 🙂
      Much love and thanks for reading!!

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