Body Image and Scale Obsession

Hi everyone!
Happy Hump-day to you all! I find myself, again, struggling to write just exactly what I want to say to you all. But I found another article – here – that hit home for me. It’s about body-image and how ALL of us (men and women) are becoming obsessed. It’s sad really that WE are preventing ourselves from experience true joy in our lives!! See the article here.
Also might I just add, that the primal way of eating is not meant to be a diet – and if ANY of you feel like it is just another diet plan, and that you are “good” for being on it – PLEASE email me so we can chat a bit about that. Those are NOT my intentions at all!!
One more link to a video blog – here – about scale obsession and how to get over it! I hear this from a lot of you so I thought it might be helpful. I very rarely weight myself, because it’s just another illusion and I refuse to let a number dictate how I feel about myself! 🙂 The guy in the video blog cuts straight to the point – check it out!
Master Yah

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