Life Purpose

Hi All you Awesome People in the World!
Guess what?? I love each and every one of you *blush* and I am SO glad you decided to stop by today!
I was reading a blog today and the writer, Anna, discussed “life purpose.” I really thought it was a good one, because that is definitely something that I have pondered on NUMEROUS occasions. I always asked myself “what am I supposed to be DOING?” And I always assumed that my life purpose was defined by a job. But a friend of mine said to me one day “Jenny don’t forget, we are human ‘BEINGs’, not human ‘DOINGs!'”
Ohhhhh! SO… what IS our life purpose???
This is the million dollar question of all time. Do I know that answer? No…but I have an opinion! The purpose of life – is to LIVE! And to be yourself. Your TRUE, authentic, self. Not who we think we are supposed to be, but who we really are! That is how people learn and benefit from your gifts! You never, ever know the impact that you have in someone’s life, simply by showing up. And you may never know. But just by being you, you help other people live and learn. They learn by your success, by your failure. By your joy and your sorrow. By your ups and your downs. By just being YOU! So don’t get caught up in your head wondering if and when you will fulfill your life’s purpose….because guess what?! You already are!!
Wheeeew! What a breath of fresh air!!
Keep on living and spreading the love!
Master Yah 🙂
To read more about Anna – check out her blog here!

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