A Walk of Joy

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!
I just got back from a nice, long walk in the beautiful sunshine! I couldn’t help but feel so gracious for my life 🙂 I also felt an overwhelming sense of peace and bliss – that really had nothing to do with my surroundings or the happenings in my life. It was an internal joy – our natural state. It was so nice to experience all the sights and smells – many of which brought up fond memories of when I was a child and would walk with my Dad 🙂 It also made me notice how much my mind can wander away from the present moment 😉 So I made a conscious choice to stay present in my walk. And to know that my thoughts are just thoughts – not really me 🙂 What a gift to myself! Have you done anything nice for yourself today?? I hope so – if not please do! Whether its a short walk, some nice music, or reaching out to a friend  you love – take some time to be kind to yourself!!
Now – I was reading this article this morning and it really spoke to me! I have been talking about honesty a lot with my loved ones and so I thought this was very interesting read! It talks about being honest (among other things!) with our speech!
So grab a green smoothie and have a nice read!
Love you all!
Master yah!

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