Injections for Weight Loss??

Hello Again!

I’ve been hearing a lot in the world today about injections for weight loss. Huh?? Yes….injections for weight loss. B12 injections, HCG injections (which is a pregnancy hormone!), and who knows what else. People are forking over hundreds of dollars on these risky injections to lose weight – and I have a feeling that their doctors aren’t really taking an honest look at what their patients are eating! It saddens me that we have gotten to this point in the medical community. Now, I must admit, that I don’t know everything about these injections – and maybe there are a few people out there who legitimately need these injections (although I doubt it) – but for the vast majority I think this is absurd! How about looking at what we are eating people???? These quick fix scams are dangerous, expensive, and don’t even work! The only person that gains anything, in my opinion, is the doctor selling this dang stuff.

What are your thoughts????? What do you know about this?? Anyone??

Please share! 🙂


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