What is nutrition?

How many of you get confused when thinking about nutrition? How many of you know what to eat to have a healthy, lean body?  How many of you have tried speaking with your doctor or registered dietitian about what foods you should be eating, but still have had no luck with your health goals?? How many of you feel as if you are eating a “healthy” diet but still cannot reach your health goals? Confused? Fed up? Frustrated? Does this sound like you???

If this does sound like you, then don’t worry! You’re just like the rest of the majority of the population.  Learning how to feed ourselves has become overly complicated recently and it doesn’t have to be this way! I used to be in the same boat! No matter how “healthy” my diet seemed, I still was unable to lose weight and feel great! This struggle went on for YEARS! Then I stumbled upon a website that made everything SIMPLE! At Mark’s Daily Apple, you will find TONS of useful information on what foods work best for YOU! You will learn how to eat well, feel great, have tons of energy, and GET LEAN! And the concept is SO simple – it’s all about eating foods found in nature (fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and healthy meats) and avoiding foods made by man (processed food and grains!) Read more about the Primal Lifestyle here and reasons to avoid grains here. The principles found here very closely match how I counsel  my clients.

This concept is so SIMPLE! But not always easy … the challenging part is opening up your mind to a different way of life. Not complicated, not difficult, but different.

Are you ready??

Let me know 😀

Have a wonderful day!!!

Master Yah


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