Metabolism Myth?

Do you really need to eat every 3 hours? Will your metabolism suddenly just shut down if you’re not eating 6 small meals every day? Are our bodies really this sensitive??

What if we have been brainwashed … conditioned to believe certain things about food, our health, and our bodies. What if we’ve been giving all of our power away to someone else who is giving us advice based on skewed research?
I’m telling you, this is what is happening. Not everything you read or have been programmed to believe is actually true. Why would someone give us false information? Maybe it’s because of money….or maybe it’s because these professionals have been programmed to believe the same things!!
Challenge your thoughts….challenge other peoples thoughts! Start to trust in the wisdom of your body….it knows more than you think!
Leave a comment … let me know your thoughts!!
Love y’all!
Master Yah

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