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Food and Pleasure

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Hi Everyone!

It has been quite some time since I have posted. Truth be told, I have been a bit hesitant to continue writing about nutrition. It’s not that I don’t believe that real, nutritious foods are important – it’s just that … well… seems that many people are taking the “virtues” of food and eating a bit too far (in my opinion). I do not believe that eating should be viewed as a religion and I certainly do not want to get caught up in that mindset (let alone promote it). Eating one food over the other does not make us “good” or “bad” people. And quite honestly, I don’t think that there is ONE perfect way to eat. There is just the way YOU or I eat. Period. Done. To judge yourself or others for what is chosen to eat, is silly – maybe even dangerous. It’s rare that people take pleasure in food anymore – and I mean TRUE pleasure, not an ounce of guilt (or statements like, well I “shouldn’t” be eating this, but oh well – that is not true pleasure). Could it be that the secret to the “French paradox” is that they derive so much pleasure from the food they eat? Could one reason that Americans are becoming so overweight is because there is so much guilt and fear wrapped up in food or eating? I don’t think it’s a coincidence. There are many research studies that prove that if we eat a food just because we think we “should”, but we don’t truly enjoy it or don’t really want to eat it, that we don’t even absorb much nutrition from that food. I know that for me, personally, when I take true pleasure in eating exactly what I want – I just naturally eat less. It’s not until I force myself to eat the foods I think I “need” that I wind up overeating. This is definitely “food for thought”. Maybe we all need to remember how to “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” again.

Until next time….

Master Yah



The Power of the Mind: PsychoBioEnergetics

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Good Morning World!

I hope you all are happy and healthy 🙂 I wanted to re-post an article that my friend, Taylor Donovan, wrote. Taylor is an excellent chiropractor, practicing here in Reno and also does nutrition counseling! We share many of the same beliefs, and the following article really hit home with me! Enjoy!

“ ‘In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?’ — Siddhārtha Gautama

I am convinced that chocolate was healthy for my grandmother. She had a particular affection for the chocolates created by See’s candies. When I saw her excitement in peeling open the white box, the ceremony around choosing her indulgence, and the savoring of these chocolates she impressed upon me a powerful insight. If you are going to indulge, do so with reckless abandon free from guilt or restraint. To this day I believe that if you indulge anything with a positive mindset and complete enthusiasm then the negative side effects will be minimized no matter what. This phenomena can also account for some of the incredible results that the placebo effect is capable of eliciting.

Have you ever heard of someone that drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes and lived a long and healthy life? Have you ever been troubled by hearing about a friend or relative that seemed extremely healthy but died suddenly from a heart attack or was diagnosed with a serious form of cancer? As a health care professional I hear these sorts of stories on a somewhat regular basis. I believe the topic of psycho bioenergetics can assist in explaining these occurrences.

Years ago I began my scientific studies while undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at a UC school. I was fascinated by the elaborate communication that occurred at the cellular level. I have continued to study and research this field for the last fifteen years. I have since applied my focus to the nervous system and the brain. I feel this system of the body is the most powerful area that I am capable of impacting. This is also why I became a chiropractor. While my treatments and knowledge are effective at relieving pain and soreness my true forte is in insuring long-term health through functional and dynamic gains in movement, thought, and nutrition. Lately I have been studying the effects of mental attitude on our physiology. The fields of positive psychology and trendy books on creating happiness have shown how important attitude is in creating optimal health. One of the simplest ways to better yourself is to truly believe that what you are doing is making an incredible difference and to do these things with great commitment and discipline.

I assist many of my patients in defining exactly what they need to change in order to better refine their health choices. While this is an important process it’s also integral to go a step deeper and look at how an individual mentally relates to these changes. I have patients that change to organic tobacco with great enthusiasm and others that fixate anxiously on which detox diet to try. In the end it may depend less on what we are doing and more so on how we are doing it. If you are indulging the vice squad be sure to do so with an enjoyable mindset. If you are purifying yourself do so with an upbeat demeanor. Everything you do will be enhanced by a sense of optimism and acceptance.”


Emotional Freedom!

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Hi Everybody!!
Happy Thursday!! I hope you all are having an AMAZING day!! 😀
Today’s post was inspired by my friend Renee at!  If you haven’t already, please check our her blog (especially my female readers!) Renee is a very smart and amazing woman – and she inspires me with her posts!
Anyways … Renee’s latest post addressed the issue of judging the various emotions we deal with, therefore suppressing them (check our her post here!) So, let’s reflect on our own lives and think about how often we do this. In fact, the past few days I have been dealing with my own negative emotions. I pride myself and, as a result, get so wrapped up in the image I perceive of myself – strong, confident, secure, happy, woman! And I am all of these wonderful things!! Woohoo!! BUT – I tend to get so attached to this perception of myself, that when I experience any “darker” emotion (unhappiness, fear, anger, insecurity, etc.) – I immediately deem these emotions as “bad” and suppress them – hoping that they will just go away. But they don’t go away. So then what do we do? We subconsciously try to distract ourselves – by going to the kitchen to eat, or watching TV, or drinking alcohol,etc. But all that does is make us feel sick, tired, and miserable – and then that emotion is further stuffed away, just waiting to rear its ugly head again – each time more powerful then the next. This not only affects your energy levels, but it affects everyone else’s energy levels around you!
What if we tried something different?? What if instead of saying “I am this way” or “I am that way” – or judging certain emotions as “good” and others as “bad” – what if I just acknowledged the fact that I am a human being – a  woman – a strong woman – an emotional woman. I FEEL different emotions and have different experiences every day!  And that is OK! What if I stopped judging myself for having a bad day and just accepted the fact that I AM having a bad day? How much better would I feel? And instead of suppressing certain emotions – I talked about them with my loved ones – getting them out and in the open. Emotional constipation is just as damaging to the health as physical constipation- if not more so! And by me giving myself permission to this emotional freedom – I am giving all of YOU permission as well!! Perfection to me is all about being free to live in our IM-perfections! How boring would life be if we only experienced ONE emotion … ??? So please! Join me on this journey! Express yourself no matter what you are feeling. Be loving and accepting of all that you are and you will be amazed at how much love and acceptance you receive in return 😀
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!
Much Love
Master Yah


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Happy Friday Friends!!
I hope you all are choosing to have a GREAT day – no matter what!! 😀 My friend, who is on the Primal Challenge, made a comment to me the other day about his food cravings and how they have seemed to disappear while being on the primal challenge. My beautiful mother also told me that her sugar cravings have gone away as well. Part of the glory of the challenge, is that it eliminates many of the foods that we can get physically addicted to (and yes, we can get physically addicted to foods – especially refined carbs and sugar!) After ridding ourselves of the physical cravings, we are left to deal with the emotional cravings. I know many of you might be saying “Well, this doesn’t apply to me – I am not an emotional eater.” In fact, I used to say this myself! And maybe it’s true – maybe you’re not an emotional eater. But maybe – you are. Maybe, you’ve just tuned it out, or rationalized it away. Maybe this is the real reason you’re not feeling well or you’re not reaching your health goals. Emotions play a HUGE role in the way that we eat – whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Not only do emotions drive us to eat – but the emotions that we are feeling WHILE eating affect the food choices we make, how much we eat, and it even affects the whole digestive process!! My challenge for you all today (myself included) is to really tune into yourself and your body while eating. Any time that you go to eat or drink something besides water – take special notice of how you are feeling. Ask yourself – “why am I eating right now?” The answer may be “because I am hungry!” Perfect! But you may notice that you’re not physically hungry, but maybe just in the mood to eat. That is OK too!! Don’t judge yourself! Just take notice of the emotion you are experiencing at that moment. You may at this point – choose not to eat and instead choose something else to soothe that emotion. OR – you might decide to go ahead and eat anyway! Either way is OK! Trust yourself to know exactly how to soothe your mind and body, the best that you know how. Repeat after me – “I trust myself. I trust my body to heal itself. I trust my mind to soothe itself. I trust in the universe to provide enough. I am OK. Everything is OK. I am at peace” If you feel uncomfortable or fearful – trust that it is OK. Stop resisting and just accept! I am here for you all – just as I know you are there for me – so don’t ever hesitate to contact me! I believe in you!!
Love you all!

Master Yah 🙂