How to be Awesome

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Good Morning Everyone!!!

I just got this blog post from Brad Pilon’s blog and really enjoyed it! I think you will too!!

I am Awesome.

You are Awesome too.

This is important since the first part of becoming Awesome is realizing that you are already awesome….

And that being Awesome is a choice.

So what is Being Awesome?

Well, let me start by saying that this is the NEW Awesome. So don’t think Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure type of  Awesome…

It’s also not the pretentious jerk version of awesome. Awesome has evolved to something greater than this.

Think more along the lines of a mystical force..kind of like the Tao.

It’s something then when you are ‘in-line’ with it, it makes a difference in your life without taking a lot of effort.

If the traditional use of awesome is “That which inspires awe” think of the new Awesome as “That which inspires Awe in one’s self”

So vaguely Being Awesome is:

The ability to inspire yourself and to be inspired by Yourself

(OK so the exact definition is still a work in progress)

The most important part of being Awesome is remembering that being Awesome is a choice, and the more time you spend being awesome, the more being awesome becomes second nature.

So remember, you are already awesome, and you can become more awesome with a little practice.

For instance:

If you are complaining or whining, just remember, you could be being awesome instead.

I’m not sure why but it seems as a whole we are becoming a very negative group of people. We whine on TV, we whine on Talk Radio, we whine on blogs and in forums…This isn’t constructive or positive..therefore it’s not awesome. If you catch yourself in one of those downward spirals of complaining or whining, stop and think about the fact this thinking in this way is a choice, so you can change it.

Being awesome is that easy.

A large part of being Awesome is learning not to compare yourself to others. Instead you should compare yourself to the way you want to be…when you stop and think about it, there is a difference between the two.

Another way of improving your awesomeness is by learning from other people (since we are all awesome in some way)

Every one of the people in your life has qualities that are awesome. Spend time thinking about this and A) appreciate those traits even more (and maybe even let them know you appreciate it) and B) incorporate them into your own awesomeness.

My brother in law is really good at returning phone calls and emails. I think this is awesome, so it’s something I’m going to try to incorporate into my own awesomeness.

It’s as simple as that.

Warning: Awesome can be stolen from you…

Now here’s what you have to watch for…some people will want to crush your awesomeness. For some reason there are people out there who are really uncomfortable with the idea of someone thinking that they are awesome. As if we should all be grumpy or unsatisfied with life.

So remember awesomeness is an INTERNAL thing, it’s your ability to inspire awe in yourself, not what others think of you.

Here’s an example:

A friend of mine posted a comment about building muscle for aesthetics in a CrossFit forum. In the forum he was bashed hard for not wanting to be ‘functional’ and because he “probably does 20 sets of biceps every workout”.

(Granted this was probably not the best place to pose a question of this nature, and I don’t know the nature or tone of the conversation…but I digress)

The point is this…to be Awesome, you have to OWN YOUR GOALS.

It doesn’t matter if people think your goals are dumb, useless or crazy…if something is YOUR goal then you owe it to yourself to be Awesome at it. If you listen to everyone else’s opinions on your goals you are externalizing your awesomeness, and this just doesn’t work.

This is how being Awesome can greatly improve your fitness and weight loss goals…because you learn to stick with your goals and not worry about everyone else’s goals. So awesomeness is also a focused happiness.

You have to own your awesomeness.

Being Awesome also helps with other facets of life.

I have a friend who wanted to buy a manufacturing Plant. He had a successful company, but knew that it would be even more successful if he owned his manufacturer.

For two years I watched people continually tell my friend that he was crazy, or insane, or dreaming. I watched investors turn him down, business partners question his business sense..but he never backed down. For two years he stuck with it, because he knew he was awesome.

He purchased the plant last year, and his business is booming.

So to repeat: you have to own your awesomeness.

You know you are doing it right when your friends all think you are a little crazy, but they love you for it. (as opposed to being a pretentious “I’m Awesome and you’re not” jerk).

Another part of being awesome is not pushing your goals on everyone else.

You want giant biceps but your friend wants a strong functional core…neither goal is ‘right’ but you both owe it to yourselves to be awesome at that goal.

So a main part of being awesome is being happy enough with yourself that you don’t really care what other people think about you, and you don’t feel threatened when people have goals that differ from yours.

Being awesome also involves OWNING your LIKES.

To me fasting is AWESOME. I hope you like it too, but it’s not going to bother me if you’re not a fan.

When people ask me why I like fasting, I could hit them with all the boring scientific jargon, or I could answer “Because fasting is awesome”

Granted, this answer probably seems silly to most people, but after reading this post I hope you would understand that what I am actually saying is “When I’m fasting I inspire myself” …awesome takes on a whole new meaning when you think of it that way.

If you really like something let it be yours, it shouldn’t matter if other people like it or not. And on the flip side, if your friends really like something that you’re just not into, don’t sweat it.

Another part of being Awesome is OWNING your ACTIONS.

Be awesome by doing awesome things.

On the drive home from work ask yourself “Would it be awesome if I took 2 minutes out of my day and picked up some flowers for my wife/girl friend/daughter/mother?” If the answer is YES, then do it..because it would be awesome.

If you are running late for a lunch meeting because you are watching movie trailers on-line ask yourself “Is it awesome I’m about to be late because I’m watching movie trailers?” if the answer is NO, then close your computer and get going…

OK…so now the million dollar question:

What the heck is a post about being Awesome doing on a health and fitness blog?

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on inflammation, stress, mind set and long term health. The science is impressive and is worthy of a whole new book, but for now let’s just say they are connected.

8% body fat, shredded abs, muscle like liquid marble…these things may not matter as much as having the right attitude when it comes to the quality or length of your life.

I once had a chance to talk with the very Controversial Dr. Aubrey DeGray…a person many people consider to be a visionary in the area of life extension and longevity.

He told me that when you look at the world’s centenarians (people who live to 100 or older) it’s very hard to find any connection between them all. There were no real diet or exercise correlations. But, the one thing he did say was that if they had anything in common at all, it’s that they all seemed to smile a lot.

It’s easy to smile when you’re awesome.


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Official Primal Challenge – starts NOW!

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Hi Guys!

Check it out! Official 30 Day Primal Challenge starts TODAY through Marks Daily Apple! I know many of my followers started last week – so we already have a leg up – but if you haven’t fully committed, NOW is the time to do so!! Mark Sisson is going to have posts EVERY day on his website and he’s going to be holding contests to keep us motivated and having fun!! This Challenge is fun, eye opening, and helps you to FEEL amazing!! So subscribe to his blog and let’s get going!!!!!

You never know unless you try!!

Love y’all!

Master Yah

Metabolism Myth?

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Do you really need to eat every 3 hours? Will your metabolism suddenly just shut down if you’re not eating 6 small meals every day? Are our bodies really this sensitive??

What if we have been brainwashed … conditioned to believe certain things about food, our health, and our bodies. What if we’ve been giving all of our power away to someone else who is giving us advice based on skewed research?
I’m telling you, this is what is happening. Not everything you read or have been programmed to believe is actually true. Why would someone give us false information? Maybe it’s because of money….or maybe it’s because these professionals have been programmed to believe the same things!!
Challenge your thoughts….challenge other peoples thoughts! Start to trust in the wisdom of your body….it knows more than you think!
Leave a comment … let me know your thoughts!!
Love y’all!
Master Yah

30 Day Primal Challenge is Here!!!!

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Good Morning Everyone! And Happy September!!

Fall is coming and when the seasons change, I always think it’s fun to add a little change to our lives! So, starting today, me and a group of my friends are embarking on the 30 day Primal Challenge again! Now, I have been eating “Primally” for several years, and I have never looked or felt better! So how can it be a “Challenge” if I already eat this way?? Well for me, this challenge is a way to increase my consciousness on the way I eat. To really look at the little things I let slip into my mouth and why. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to let loose and enjoy, but just for 30 days I’m going to be strict! It’s always good to tighten up the reigns and really identify what’s going on in our minds!!

So…if you are interested in coming on this 30 day journey with me, please check out Primal 101 (click HERE). This post is FULL of information and breaks down exactly what the Primal Blueprint is all about. And since it’s morning where I’m at, here are some Primal Breakfast suggestions (click HERE). I started out my morning with a nice bowl of fruit and cinnamon, and a handful (or 2) of almonds! Yum!! And I washed it down with some Univera!! I feel great!!!!

Let me know if you have questions!!

Love and light!

Master Yah

Intermittent Fasting and Obsessive Compulsive Eating

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Good Afternoon Friends!

How is your relationship with your health? With food? With your workouts? Do you ever feel “obsessed” with what you should/should not be eating and your workouts? Are you overcome with guilt if you go off of your “diet plan”? I know I’ve had that mindset before. Where my whole day was based around what I was or was not going to be eating and when I was going to workout. Caring about your health is a GOOD thing, but being obsessed about it is not (at least not for me…) SO, is it possible to get lean, be healthy, and ENJOY the process???? Yes it is!!!

I was reading a blog that I enjoy today, and the author (Brad Pilon) has an e-book called “Eat Stop Eat“. Now, I have yet to purchase the book, but I am intrigued. I have followed his blog for a long time now and his principles really make sense to me. He says this quote:

“Before you study Nutrition, food is food and drink is drink; while you are studying nutrition, food is no longer food and drink is no longer drink; but once you have had enlightenment, food is once again food and drink is again drink.”

So simple, and so true!! Overcomplicating everything is what gets us into trouble! (in my opinion). Brad’s principles are basically this: Eat when hungry, sleep when tired; Focus mainly on healthy foods, (fruits, veggies, you know – primal stuff 😉 ) ENJOY your food, and don’t get obsessed about what your eating (all easier said than done hehe). He is also a big advocate of “Intermittent Fasting”. This is another concept that I am very interested in, and practice every now and again. Basically, it’s fasting for 24 hours, 1-2 x per week. So if my last meal today was at 6 pm, then I would fast tomorrow until 6 pm and have a normal dinner. Intermittent fasting is a very interesting topic and I will write more on it later! It’s another one of those “outside-of-the-box” ideas, so be prepared to have an open mind!! And remember “If you eat like everyone else, you’ll look like and feel everyone else!”

Any questions? Let me know!!

Don’t forget to ENJOY yourself!!

Much Love,

Master Yah

What is nutrition?

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How many of you get confused when thinking about nutrition? How many of you know what to eat to have a healthy, lean body?  How many of you have tried speaking with your doctor or registered dietitian about what foods you should be eating, but still have had no luck with your health goals?? How many of you feel as if you are eating a “healthy” diet but still cannot reach your health goals? Confused? Fed up? Frustrated? Does this sound like you???

If this does sound like you, then don’t worry! You’re just like the rest of the majority of the population.  Learning how to feed ourselves has become overly complicated recently and it doesn’t have to be this way! I used to be in the same boat! No matter how “healthy” my diet seemed, I still was unable to lose weight and feel great! This struggle went on for YEARS! Then I stumbled upon a website that made everything SIMPLE! At Mark’s Daily Apple, you will find TONS of useful information on what foods work best for YOU! You will learn how to eat well, feel great, have tons of energy, and GET LEAN! And the concept is SO simple – it’s all about eating foods found in nature (fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and healthy meats) and avoiding foods made by man (processed food and grains!) Read more about the Primal Lifestyle here and reasons to avoid grains here. The principles found here very closely match how I counsel  my clients.

This concept is so SIMPLE! But not always easy … the challenging part is opening up your mind to a different way of life. Not complicated, not difficult, but different.

Are you ready??

Let me know 😀

Have a wonderful day!!!

Master Yah

Coconut oil!!

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Happy Monday! Hope you’re all having a beautiful morning so far!!

I know I’ve sung the praises of coconut oil before and it’s benefits on our health, but not only is it good for us to put IN our bodies, it’s also good to put ON our bodies!!

Coconut oil is the perfect, natural moisturizer. It is SO nourishing for your skin and you don’t have to worry about rubbing nasty chemicals all over your skin. Remember, our skin is our biggest organ (and an important one!), so if you wouldn’t eat it, you might want to think twice before rubbing it all over your body.

Plus, a little bit goes a LONG way … so it lasts a long time and therefore is less expensive than buying expensive lotions and creams!

Try it! You might like it!  🙂