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Self Judgement

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What if I said to you, “Lets go have a lunch of Mac and Cheese, cookies, and ding dongs, chips, and donuts….and we will wash it all down with a giant Pina Colada!”?? What would you think about me?? Some of you might think I’m really awesome! Some of you might think I’m a big fake. Some of you might think I have “issues”. Some of you might join me! Well, the truth of it all lies only in what I think of myself, not in what you all think of me. Does the fact that I eat “Primally” make me a “Good” person?? And when I make the conscious decision to go eat a Dairy Queen Blizzard (which I LOVE, by the way), does that make me a “Bad” person?? Well the truth of it is YES, if I believe it. But the ULTIMATE truth is that all of those “beliefs” are just beliefs. Things we create about ourselves. Illusions. None of it’s real. And who knows why we carry these beliefs …. it could go way back to when we were in junior high. Or something our parents said. Or something the doctor said. But none of that matters! It’s all irrelevant. Because YOU are the creator of your own life. And once you realize that…and get out of the way of your own head…then you will start to realize your freedom. And that’s what we all want – freedom. That’s why when you have someone like me come up to you and tell you to eliminate grains, and dairy, and sugar – you immediately want to rebel! Why?? Because you’re human and you want to be free. You don’t need me to tell you how to live your life and how to eat … because deep down you KNOW already! Tap into your own body’s wisdom and realize the power that is yours! Stop relying so much on other people’s advice, and rely on your own. Trust yourself. Empower yourself. Become … FREE!

Own it!!

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HI Everyone!!
Hope your week is off to a great start! I know mine is – I am starting to feel better and am taking full ownership and responsibility for my own health and well-being. Please feel free to join me! It’s easier for us to want to blame our poor health (or the way we feel emotionally, or our jobs, or our relationships, etc.) on external circumstances. But when we do that, we are giving our power away to other things, other people. Let’s take our power back! Let’s OWN our state of being. I challenge you to CHOOSE to feel good, to feel happy for 24 hours, no matter what – starting now! Make a conscious decision, that regardless of what is happening around you, or happening to you – you will still be happy!! Once you begin to understand that happiness is in and of itself a state of being, and NOT dependent on external happenings, then, and ONLY then, will you be TRULY happy. The same goes for our health. Placing your health into the hands of others causes you to subconsciously sabotage yourself. If you’re always placing blame on something else, someone else, other than yourself – then you won’t be taking the steps necessary to make a change because it is out of your control. Take BACK your control – you CAN take control of your health! But it MUST come from within! Now I realize that this is not an easy thing to do. It’s actually very challenging. But taking the easy way out, isn’t always gonna get us where we want to go. Let’s learn to EMBRACE change. To EMBRACE challenge. And to know that every bump on the road of life is there to help us learn and grow!
Love you all!
Master Yah