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Self Judgement

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What if I said to you, “Lets go have a lunch of Mac and Cheese, cookies, and ding dongs, chips, and donuts….and we will wash it all down with a giant Pina Colada!”?? What would you think about me?? Some of you might think I’m really awesome! Some of you might think I’m a big fake. Some of you might think I have “issues”. Some of you might join me! Well, the truth of it all lies only in what I think of myself, not in what you all think of me. Does the fact that I eat “Primally” make me a “Good” person?? And when I make the conscious decision to go eat a Dairy Queen Blizzard (which I LOVE, by the way), does that make me a “Bad” person?? Well the truth of it is YES, if I believe it. But the ULTIMATE truth is that all of those “beliefs” are just beliefs. Things we create about ourselves. Illusions. None of it’s real. And who knows why we carry these beliefs …. it could go way back to when we were in junior high. Or something our parents said. Or something the doctor said. But none of that matters! It’s all irrelevant. Because YOU are the creator of your own life. And once you realize that…and get out of the way of your own head…then you will start to realize your freedom. And that’s what we all want – freedom. That’s why when you have someone like me come up to you and tell you to eliminate grains, and dairy, and sugar – you immediately want to rebel! Why?? Because you’re human and you want to be free. You don’t need me to tell you how to live your life and how to eat … because deep down you KNOW already! Tap into your own body’s wisdom and realize the power that is yours! Stop relying so much on other people’s advice, and rely on your own. Trust yourself. Empower yourself. Become … FREE!

Official Primal Challenge – starts NOW!

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Hi Guys!

Check it out! Official 30 Day Primal Challenge starts TODAY through Marks Daily Apple! I know many of my followers started last week – so we already have a leg up – but if you haven’t fully committed, NOW is the time to do so!! Mark Sisson is going to have posts EVERY day on his website and he’s going to be holding contests to keep us motivated and having fun!! This Challenge is fun, eye opening, and helps you to FEEL amazing!! So subscribe to his blog and let’s get going!!!!!

You never know unless you try!!

Love y’all!

Master Yah

30 Day Primal Challenge is Here!!!!

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Good Morning Everyone! And Happy September!!

Fall is coming and when the seasons change, I always think it’s fun to add a little change to our lives! So, starting today, me and a group of my friends are embarking on the 30 day Primal Challenge again! Now, I have been eating “Primally” for several years, and I have never looked or felt better! So how can it be a “Challenge” if I already eat this way?? Well for me, this challenge is a way to increase my consciousness on the way I eat. To really look at the little things I let slip into my mouth and why. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to let loose and enjoy, but just for 30 days I’m going to be strict! It’s always good to tighten up the reigns and really identify what’s going on in our minds!!

So…if you are interested in coming on this 30 day journey with me, please check out Primal 101 (click HERE). This post is FULL of information and breaks down exactly what the Primal Blueprint is all about. And since it’s morning where I’m at, here are some Primal Breakfast suggestions (click HERE). I started out my morning with a nice bowl of fruit and cinnamon, and a handful (or 2) of almonds! Yum!! And I washed it down with some Univera!! I feel great!!!!

Let me know if you have questions!!

Love and light!

Master Yah

What is the Primal Challenge?

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Hi Everyone!!
Hope you all are having a great afternoon! Many of you fellow blog readers are already doing the Primal Challenge. But a lot of you may be curious as to what the primal challenge is. So, today, I thought I would take a few minutes to describe what “The Challenge” is for any of you newcomers who may be interested!
So what is the Primal Challenge?? I was inspired to set up this Challenge by Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple. This guy has some really sound ideas on nutrition and health. He is super fit and super healthy and if you haven’t checked out his blog yet, please do! You won’t be sorry! He also just released his new book, “The Primal Blueprint“.
The premise of the challenge is to strictly follow, for 30 days, an eating plan based on what our primal ancestors may have subsisted on before we started tampering with the food supply. So this means that our focus is fresh fruits, fresh veggies, fresh meats, and good healthy fats. This means no grains, no sugar, no processed food, and no dairy. This challenge is very SIMPLE, but not necessarily EASY. After all, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be called “The Challenge” 🙂 I encourage each and every one of you to approach this challenge with an open heart and open mind. It’s also important to be STRICT for the 30 days – after all it is ONLY 30 days, which is relatively short if you think about it 😉 My reasoning for being strict is NOT because I am pushing out a crash diet or fad diet and it’s NOT because I am promising you a new hot body in 30 days. I want you to be strict so that you can truly notice the effect that food has on your body. Most of us are so out of touch with our minds and our bodies that we don’t even realize what we are eating and why. Now keep in mind that I don’t really look at foods as “BAD” or “GOOD” (except I do think processed crap loaded with chemicals and artificial nastiness is BAD – and I don’t even consider this “food”.) But there are foods that work WELL for your body and foods that do not. This is where YOU come in!! The foods that we have kept in the challenge tend to be well tolerated by most 🙂 So by clearing out the foods that tend to give our  digestion a tough time, we give our bodies a break for 30 days. During this time, I encourage you to really FOCUS on how you FEEL and how food effects your digestion and your energy levels. This way, when we start to add different foods back in – we are able to truly see what it does to us and we can then make solid choices!!
I always say – life is NOT about rules, it’s about choices – and the same goes with our eating habits! Some days we may choose to eat healthy, some days we may not. But tomorrow is always another day to do things better. Keep that in mind as you go through the ebb and flow of life 🙂
And if you are interested in learning more, please contact me at
You all are amazing!! 😀
Until next time.
Master Yah