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WOW! It’s been a LONG time since my last post!! If you’re still out there reading, I just wanted to let you know that I will be moving and contributing to a new blog: PerformancEDU. I am in the process of transitioning all of my old content there and after that I will begin posting my new stuff! This new blog also has content related to physical fitness – but just like I feel strongly about personal empowerment in making nutrition choices for YOUR body, PerformancEDU feels passionately about personal empowerment about the way your body MOVES!  So come on over and check it out!! We are excited and humbled to welcome you to the P-EDU family!

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Meaningful Success Story

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Good morning everyone!

I wanted to piggy back off of PerformancEDU’s meaningful success story, posted a few weeks ago. PerformancEDU and YahNutrition have teamed up with this AMAZING young lady and we have both welcomed her into our family with open arms!

Jeannie Clarke is amazing – hands down. Successful business woman, beautiful mother, fabulous wife, amazing friend – but above all, Jeannie is an awesome person!! Jeannie came to us in January with the goal of losing 100 pounds. Now many of you may scoff at this and think it’s impossible – in fact, dietitians and doctors were telling Jeannie that this kind of weight loss is impossible without painful surgery or risky prescription meds.

7 months later, and 60 pounds down – Jeannie is proving all these negative nancy’s WRONG! I can only imagine the joy Jeannie felt, marching into that doctor’s office and seeing the look of shock on his face when she explained – “Yeah, I lost all this weight, the NATURAL way” GASP! And what is the “Natural” way – it’s eating foods that are nourishing to the body, and moving your body, the way that it is supposed to move.

Coupled with diet and fitness, the MOST important element of this journey, is Jeannie’s mindset. Success stories, like Jeannie’s, are rare NOT because they’re impossible – they are rare because people don’t have the proper mindset! If you don’t think you can do something, then guess what – you’re right!! But if you whole-heartedly believe that you CAN do it – then you WILL!!! It’s as simple as that. Simple, but not always easy 🙂 That’s why it’s important to have SUPPORT! I am sure Jeannie can agree, that there have been many ups, but many downs as well. And that is all part of the journey – and she’s still going strong!! (See before and after photos here)

Jeannie is such an inspiration and I am proud to have her in our family!! So THANK YOU Jeannie, for all that you have brought us 🙂

Have a rockin’ day!!

Master Yah

Check me out at PerformancEdu!

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Hi Everyone!!

Hope today is going AMAZINGLY well for all of you! Check out my latest blog post at PerformancEdu – Marc Digesti featured me as a guest blogger on his AWESOME blog! Yaaay! Check it out!!

More to come soon!

Much Love,

Master Yah

Local Talent!

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Hi Everyone!!
Thank you SO much for all of your comments and feedback that I’ve gotten so far!!  It is very exciting for me to see the amount of interest that you all have!! I am so blessed to have attracted so many amazing people in my life and I am very grateful for all of you! And please, don’t hesitate to send me an email or leave comments! I love to hear from you all and also want to know what you guys are interested in!!
Before I post up my next blog topic, I wanted to throw out a special shout out to an amazing guy right here in Reno. In my opinion, nutrition and exercise are two VERY important elements of being healthy, and the two complement each other. So, if you are interested in starting a new exercise program and aren’t sure where to begin or maybe you’re looking for something new  – then go see Marc Digesti from PerformancEDU (check out his reviews on Yelp!)  Marc is definitely the go to guy in terms of training. He has a vast amount of knowledge in regards to Exercise Physiology and is quite literally “The Man” when it comes to Movement. Not only that, but he takes the time to really get to know his clients and is dead set on helping them achieve their goals. I know this because he trains me and inspires me to achieve greatness each and every day! But don’t take my word for it, check him out for yourself! Marc is offering a 40% discount on his services now through June 1 – this is HUGE!! Learn more about Marc and his generous offer on his awesome blog!!
Keep up the amazing work Marc!! And thank you for being YOU!

Who is Master Yah?

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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share a bit about myself for those that are interested 🙂 I started out with a LONG bio and it was boring for even me to read LOL … so I thought I would shorten it to some bullet points and fast facts about who I am:

  • I have my Bachelor’s of Science in Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics
  • I am available for individual and group nutrition consultations (email me if interested!
  • I challenge “mainstream” thoughts on health and nutrition
  • I have many nicknames – Master Yah being one of them (long story!)
  • I am open to any and all thoughts and ideas on health and life in general
  • I welcome anyone and everyone to this blog and into my life
  • My path to health evolved after years of engaging in VERY unhealthy habits
  • I have been diagnosed with celiac disease
  • I used to struggle with body image and self esteem issues and am proud to say that I no longer do!!
  • I love practicing yoga asanas and try to incorporate a “yogic” philosophy in my life
  • I moved to Reno in January (prior to that I lived in Santa Monica and prior to that I lived in Illinois – my hometown!)
  • I love my family and friends!
  • I love animals
  • I love people 🙂
  • I have a strong desire to help people feel great, in whatever way that means to you
  • My boyfriend, Marc Digesti, is a Performance Specialist/Movement Coach and is my personal trainer (check out his blog!!
  • I firmly believe that the world would be a much better place if our actions were based on love and compassion rather than fear and hate
  • I also firmly believe that our thoughts create our reality
  • I invite anyone and everyone to ask me anything!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!